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US Patent Office Broadens Terms of National Parcel Database Portal Patent

Press Information
For Immediate Release — Nov 11, 2008
Andrew Koutsoukos
Boundary Solutions, Inc.
PH: 415 381 1750

Mill Valley, CA: Boundary Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the United States Patent Office allowed all of the pending claims in its pending application dealing with the display of parcel boundaries. This broadens the terms of U.S. Patent 7,092,957 entitled “Computerized National Online Parcel-level Map Data Portal” (NPDP) — for national multi-state location of a street address by displaying the boundary of the parcel in which it is located. This patent right accompanies all NPDP content, industry’s wholesale supply point for digital parcel map data.

According to Chris Harlow, BSI Director, ?Having presented the industry with the blueprint for an operational national parcel layer in 2002, BSI is poised to expand the NPDP? to a seamless USA parcel layer over the next 36 months for all applications.? The NPDP? is the wholesale supply point of the national digital parcel map layer. Currently containing 71 million download-ready parcel polygon boundaries from 600 jurisdictions, all content is subjected to over 30 software driven modifications and metri recordings to assure universal internal consistency and highly convenient geoserver loading regardless of platform. NPDP? content is available as downloads or on a transaction basis on either the PlaceBase and r7 geoserver platforms. BSI is implementing SEAMLESS USA, a private sector 1600 county parcel map data creation program along with a communications campaign to make all USA counties PRA compliant so BSI can deliver anaffordable-by-all current national parcel layer to industry by2011. BSI was awarded U.S. Patent 7,092,957, entitled Computerized National Online Parcel-level Map Data Portal. Claims include multi-state search to locate an address by displaying its digital parcel boundary. The original provisional patent application filing date is January 18, 2002. Boundary Solutions, BSI, Boundary Solutions logo, National ParcelMap Data Portal, NPDP, NPDP logo and Rooftop Accuracy are trademarks of BSI.

See also: http://www.google.com/patents?id=U7F6AAAAEBAJ&dq=7,092,957 

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