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Building a National Spatial Data Infrastructure 2.0

In the United States, a lively discussion is emerging on the next generation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, with a  focus on its governance and coordination. Below are links to articles, reports and editorials on this topic:

National Geospatial Advisory Council Reports

Federal Geographic Data Committee Reports and Presentations

2009 Proposals for a “National GIS”



NSDI Related Legislation and Hearings


Congressional Oversight Hearings:

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports to Congress:

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Reports to Congress and Testimony:

Executive Orders, Regulations and Guidelines

Executive Orders:

OMB Circulars and Memos:

FGDC Policies and Guidelines

The Geospatial Platform

NSDI-related Reports and Publications

National Academy of Public Administration Reports:

National Academy of Sciences Reports (PDFs are now free; for full list of Mapping Science Committee reports click here):

Academic Studies:

  • A Policy Appraisal of the National Map, A Federal Program to Provide Basic Geospatial Data For the Nation (Maeve A. Boland, PhD Dissertation, 2005) 

Earth Observation Governance, Priorities and Benefit to Society:

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Gov O’Malley Exhibits Maryland’s Recovery GIS and Web Tools before Congressional Committee


Governor Martin O’Malley Exhibits Maryland’s Recovery Web Tools before Congressional Committee

Office of Governor Martin O’Malley, July 8, 2009

Governor Martin O’Malley testified before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform today, where he exhibited Maryland’s nationally-recognized, interactive website that tracks funding from President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) from it’s inception.  The Governor joined Governors Edward Rendell (PA) and Deval Patrick (MA) in highlighting ways the states are conforming to federal accountability standards and using technology to achieve new levels of government transparency and efficiency.

“For those of us in the states, the Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been a true lifeline,” said Governor O’Malley.  “Were it not for these funds, we would have been forces to lay off 700 state employees, erode health care benefits, and forgo investments in public education which have produced record test scores and earned our state’s schools a number on in the nation ranking for our public schools.  This critical legislation is helping us create and save jobs, and position our State’s economy to bounce back from recession.  In Maryland, we share the President’s commitment to investing these funds with maximum efficiency, openness, and transparency.”

In February, just days after the passage of ARRA, Governor O’Malley announced Maryland’s plan to monitor and track Recovery and Reinvestment funds in the State of Maryland through the launch of Maryland’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act website, www.recovery.maryland.gov to allow Marylanders to track recovery projects in the State of Maryland. Governor O’Malley provided a quick demonstration of the website that utilizes GIS (Geographic-Information System) technology. 

The website, maintained by StateStat, Maryland’s performance-measurement and management program implemented to make state government more accountable and more efficient, tracks every category of ARRA spending providing contract-level details to the public.

Recently, Maryland launched an updated application for the website, allowing users to find information more easily.  The Map has been upgraded with additional information tools, detailed fund descriptions and project details.  The new site also provides users the opportunity to send comments and questions about the data and the map directly to StateStat administrators.

See also:

Gov. O’Malley’s oral testimony before the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform, July 8, 2009: http://www.governor.maryland.gov/speeches/090708arra.pdf

Gov. O’Malley’s written testiomony: http://www.governor.maryland.gov/speeches/090708arrawritten.pdf

House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform – Opening Statement, Witness Testimony, and Webcast for Committee Hearing Titled “Tracking the Money:  Preventing Waste, Fraud and Abuse of Recovery Act Funding” http://oversight.house.gov/story.asp?ID=2528

How Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley uses GIS Technology to Transform his State for the Better, by Chad Vander Veen, Government Technology Magazine  p. 15 – 17 (starts p. 18 in PDF)  http://digitalmag.govtech.com/GT/GT_Mag_Aug09.pdf 

MD StateStat:  http://www.statestat.maryland.gov/

Add Mapping and Geographic Analysis to Recovery.gov


A National Dialogue — Recovery Dialogue: Information Technology Solutions, National Academy of Public Administration, Posted April 27, 2009

Mapping and Geographic Analysis capabilities would enable Recovery.gov to provide a “full picture” of stimulus spending as envisioned by American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Maps supported by a Geographic Information System (GIS) would enable people to see, understand, evaluate, and give feedback on government decisions. They would show where ARRA spending is actually taking place and enable evaluation of intended outcomes of investments in local communities. This would require data about the location of investment spending as well as analysis capabilities that link stimulus funding to socio-economic and demographic data. …

Read full text of the article:  http://www.thenationaldialogue.org/ideas/add-mapping-and-geographic-analysis-to-recovery.gov

See also ESRI page:  http://www.esri.com/company/stimulus_recovery.html

Some of the capabilities we recommend are already implemented on a number of state Web sites including

·         State of Maryland StateStat

·         State of Oregon Tracking the Dollars

·         State of Washington Stimulus Reporting Map


U.S. Economic Stimulus Projects and Geospatial Technology


Economic Stimulus Project areas that may create GIS/Geo Tech Opportunities  

Like many of you, we haven’t really had time to go through the entire 1,071 page Detailed List of Spending – you can view and download the entire document at ProRepublica We did take a little time, however, to go through this fine summary provided by ProPublica. The following were some of the spending items of interest that may indeed have a direct or indirect effect on GIS and geospatial technologies…[More]

Source: Glenn Letham (@gletham) Monday, 16 February 2009, GISUser.Com

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