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Archaeology GIS data and Freedom of Information Suit

From the National State Association of Archaeologists Spring 2009 Newsletter (Vol XVII, No. 1):

In Kentucky, George Crothers developed a GIS site file system, and developed a fee-for-use of the digital data for contract archaeologists, with no fee for access to paper data. One contract archaeologist has filed a freedom-of-information suit, saying that access should be on a no-fee basis. The SHPO offce in Kentucky has an exemption for archaeological data to state freedom-of-access laws. Nick Bellantoni has sent a letter of support for Crothers to the circuit court hearing the case.

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Franklin Circuit Court, Division I, Civil Action No. 07-CI- 828, University of Kentucky Office of State Archaeology (Plantiff)  v. Charles M. Niquette et al. (Defendents), dated October 27, 2008: http://www.uiowa.edu/~osa/nasa/OpinionandOrder10-27-08.pdf


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