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Measuring the Impacts of Federal Investments in Research and Development

Measuring the Impacts of Federal Investments in Research: A Workshop

Monday-Tuesday, April 18-19, 2011

20 F Street (NW) Conference Center

Washington, D.C. 20001

A committee formed under the auspices of the Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy (STEP) and Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (COSEPUP) is holding a two-day workshop to identify analytical and data needs and opportunities in assessing the returns to federal research funding across a wide range of fields and government missions.   The meeting is targeted for:

  • Federal agency research evaluators
  • Congressional staff with research jurisdictions
  • Science funding advocates
  • Science of science policy scholars
  • Other academics

Questions to be discussed include:

What have we learned from previous efforts to measure the economic and noneconomic benefits of federal research investments?

What are the links between health research and health outcomes and costs?

Can we measure the impact of research on non-market values such as climate change mitigation, food security, environmental protection, and national security?

What progress has been made in constructing a long-term data infrastructure for measuring research impacts? Can approaches such as STAR Metrics be broadened to encompass different performers and funding mechanisms?

What methods and metrics are being used in Europe, Latin America, and elsewhere?

What metrics and data are needed to track career choices and career development of STEM graduates trained with research funds?

How might we assess the influence of research on formal (e.g., regulatory, judicial) and informal (e.g., consumer, patient) decision-making?

For more information and to register for the workshop, via Returns on Federal R&D.

New Chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee

Ralph Hall

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Ralph Hall Will Chair House Science and Technology Committee

The chairs of key committees in the House of Representatives with jurisdiction over science policy and budgets will change when the new Congress convenes on January 5, 2011. Among those changes are the leadership of the House Science and Technology Committee, and the House Appropriations Committee and its subcommittees. … The new Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee will be Hal Rogers (R-KY). … The House Science and Technology Committee will be chaired by Ralph Hall (R-TX). …

For full text of the article, click here.

Source: Richard M. Jones, FYI: The AIP for Science Policy News, December 15, 2010

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