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The Legal Implications of Social Networking Part I

By David Navetta, Information Law Group, June 11, 2011

Much like the “Cloud computing revolution” there is an almost frenzied excitement around social media, and many companies are stampeding to exploit social networking.  The promise of increased intimate customer interactions, input and loyalty, and enhanced sales and expanded market share can result in some organizations overlooking the thorny issues arising out of social networking.  Many of these issues are legal in nature and could increase the legal risk and liability potential of an organization employing a social media strategy.

In this multi-part series the InfoLawGroup will identify and explore the legal implications of social media. This series will help organizations begin to identify some of the legal risks associated with social media so that they may start addressing and mitigating these risks while maximizing their social media strategy.

In Part One of the series, we will provide a high level overview of the legal risks and issues associated with an organization’s use of social media. In subsequent parts members of the InfoLawGroup team will take a deeper dive into these matters, and provide some practical insight and strategic direction for addressing these issues.   As always, we view our series as the beginning of a broader conversation between ourselves and the larger community, and we welcome and strongly encourage comments, concerns, corrections and criticisms.

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Australian Spatial Council Releases Online Map Guidelines

Victorian Spatial Council Releases online map guidelines

Source: Spatial Source, November 23, 2010

The Victorian (Australia) Spatial Council has released a set of guidelines for organisations on the use of geospatial data from Google Maps and Microsoft Bing Maps. Both Google Maps and Microsoft Bing Maps offer free and commercial licensing arrangements. Many organisations, including government agencies, are using spatial information from the free services to support their operations and the council strongly encourages potential users to consult the terms and conditions prior to making a decision on whether and how to use such information. … The council has also provided an easily accessible summary of the terms and conditions of using both Google maps and Bing maps.

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