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Is Your iPhone or iPad Taking a Bite Out of Your Privacy?

World Privacy Forum, posted April 22, 2011

Some of Apple’s products, including iOS 4 iPhones and iPads, have been collecting consumers’ detailed location information and storing the data directly on the devices and on devices they have synced with. The data stored on the iPhones and iPads is unencrypted and includes latitude, longitude, when the location was visited, for how long, and could have been collected for as long as a year. This raises privacy concerns, as the unencrypted data may be accessed directly, with little effort. … How do I know if I have an iPhone or iPad that is collecting and storing my location details? …

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Mobile Devices, Location Technologies and Shifting Values

More Work To Be Done

by Kevin Pomfret, Spatial Law and Policy Blog, April 2, 2011

I recently attended two conferences related to location technology. The first, “Mobile Devices, Location Technologies and Shifting Values” was hosted by the Center on Law and Information Policy on March 25, 2011 at the Fordham Law School and focused on the legal and policy issues associated with location and mobile devices. The second, “Enterprise Strategies for Location Intelligence”, hosted by the wherebusiness.com on March 30-31, addressed the challenges businesses will face in trying to integrate location information into their enterprises.

Both of the events were well run and I learned a good deal. However, I was also struck by the disconnect between the issues the legal community seem to be focused on and the issues facing the business and technology community with respect to location technology.

For full text of the article, visit: Spatial Law and Policy.

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