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FCC Bars the Use of Airwaves for LightSquared Broadband Plan

By Edward Wyatt, NYT, February 14, 2012

A proposed wireless broadband network that would provide voice and Internet service using airwaves once reserved for satellite-telephone transmissions should be shelved because it interferes with GPS technology, the Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday. The F.C.C. statement revokes the conditional approval for the network given last year. It comes after an opinion by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, which said that “there is no practical way to mitigate the potential interference at this time” with GPS devices. The telecommunications and information agency oversees telecommunications policy at the Commerce Department. …

For full text of the article, visit F.C.C. Bars the Use of Airwaves for a Broadband Plan – NYTimes.com.

Revised LightSquared Plan Would Still Disrupt GPS, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter Signs Letter

By Joan Lowy, Associated Press / Federal News Radio, January 16, 2012

Tests show that even the modified plans of the company LightSquared to start up a national high-speed wireless broadband network would cause harmful interference with GPS signals, federal officials said in a letter released Friday. … The letter was signed by Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Deputy Transportation Secretary John Porcari, and released by the Federal Aviation Administration. …

For full text of the article, visit Officials: Broadband plan would disrupt GPS – FederalNewsRadio.com.

By Warren Ferster, Space News, January 13, 2012

… The finding by the nine U.S. federal agencies comprising the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Executive Committee (EXCOM) is a major blow to LightSquared, which has invested $3 billion in its proposed L-band network and launched one large satellite. The Reston, Va.-based company, backed by hedge fund billionaire Philip Falcone, is planning to augment that satellite with a nationwide network of ground-based signal repeaters….

For full text of the article, visit Revised LightSquared Plan Still Interferes with GPS – SpaceNews.com.

Kevin Pomfret’s Top 10 Spatial Law and Policy Stories of 2011

Spatial Law and Policy: Top 10 Stories of 2011

by Kevin Pomfret, Spatial Law and Policy Blob, December 27, 2011

  • U.S. Supreme Court to address law enforcement’s use of tracking devices.
  • Impact of budget cuts becoming more pronounced
  • Privacy issues regarding geolocation becomes international story
  • Increased efforts to regulate Internet
  • Commercial use of drones becoming a reality
  • Lightsquared/GPS dispute
  • India revises its Remote Sensing Data Policy
  • Indonesia passes Geospatial Information Act
  • Big Data

For full text of Kevin’s article with a great discussion on each topic and useful links, visit Spatial Law and Policy: Spatial Law and Policy: Top 10 Stories of 2011.

LightSquared Sees Bias in GPS Expert’s Advice – POLITICO.com

LightSquared foe bias on GPS? By Eliza Krigman, Politico.com, October 20, 2011

When Bradford Parkinson wrote to the Federal Communications Commission in August, urging the commission to scuttle LightSquared’s plans for a nationwide wireless network, he signed off as vice chairman of a board of independent experts that advises federal agencies on GPS-related matters. Here’s what he didn’t mention: Parkinson is heavily invested — to the tune of millions of dollars — in Trimble, a GPS company at the center of an all-out lobbying blitz against LightSquared in Congress and federal agencies, including the FCC. …

For full text of the article, visit LightSquared foe bias on GPS? – Eliza Krigman – POLITICO.com.

New LightSquared Plan Fails To Ease GPS Interference Worries

By Debra Werner, Space News, September 9, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO — A recent proposal by LightSquared to modify its plans to deploy a U.S. broadband network in a way that would decrease its interference with GPS receivers has done little to allay concerns raised by representatives of federal agencies that rely on precise GPS signals for transportation, communications, weather forecasting, disaster response and scientific research. Government executives testifying Sept. 8 before the U.S. House Science, Space and Technology Committee called for additional testing of the proposed LightSquared network in light of the company’s plan submitted June 30 to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to mitigate its interference on GPS receivers by concentrating its initial service to a 10-megahertz block of the L-band spectrum that is farther from the GPS spectrum band than the portion of the spectrum the Reston, Va.-based startup previously planned to use. That proposal was submitted to the FCC shortly after a government working group completed extensive testing of the LightSquared network and concluded that it would cause serious interference with GPS receivers.

For full text of the article, visit New LightSquared Plan Fails To Ease GPS Interference Worries | SpaceNews.com.

LightSquared May Degrade Hurricane Tracking, Agencies Say – Bloomberg

By Todd Shields, Bloomberg, September 8, 2011

…Philip Falcone’s LightSquared wireless service needs more testing because it may degrade precision services that track hurricanes, guide farmers and help build flood defenses, U.S. agencies are to tell Congress today. LightSquared’s signals may disrupt precise gear that reads data from the satellite-based global-positioning system, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Transportation Department and a federal advisory body said in testimony prepared for a hearing by the House science committee. …

For full text of the article, visit LightSquared May Degrade Hurricane Tracking, Agencies Say – Bloomberg.

Congressional Testimony on LightSquared Interference Issue

Artist Interpretation of GPS satellite, image ...

Image via Wikipedia

Space-Based Positioning Navigation and Timing (PNT) National Executive Committee, PNT Website, September 8, 2011

U.S. Government officials delivered the following testimony during a hearing of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, held September 8, 2011. The hearing focused on the scientific impacts of potential GPS interference from the terrestrial 4G network planned by LightSquared Subsidiary LLC.

For links to the testimony and video broadcast, visit Science Committee Testimony on LightSquared Interference Issue.

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