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Tribes Effectively Barred From Making High-Tech Maps

An article from 2007, but still very relevant today.

by Kelly Hearn, National Geographic News, April 26, 2007

Tribes in Southeast Asia are being kept from using the latest high-tech gadgets to help them win land rights. That’s the outcry from activist groups that have been helping indigenous communities mix computers and handheld navigation devices with paints, yarn, and cardboard to make simple but accurate three-dimensional terrain models. … But in Malaysia and the Philippines, the practice—dubbed participatory GIS—has sparked a legal backlash, activists say. For example, Philippine lawmakers have changed an existing law so that only officially recognized engineers “could do anything related to measuring space,” said Dave De Vera, director of the Philippine Association for Intercultural Development. …

For full text of the article, visit Tribes Effectively Barred From Making High-Tech Maps.

First Nations Geospatial Workshop and Indignenous Mapping Network Conference

A few upcoming events:

FGDC & GeoConnections, Canada, hosting First Nations and Tribal Government Geospatial Workshop

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), in collaboration with GeoConnections, Canada, and the U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee,?will host the ?First Nations and Native Tribal Government Geographic Information System Workshop on Sunday, June 14, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Niagara Falls, NY. This workshop is a joint activity of U.S. and Canada to promote cross-border collaboration on spatial data infrastructure.

The workshop will demonstrate the benefits that spatial data infrastructures bring to land and resource management, enhance understanding of the application of geospatial technologies to matters of importance to Aboriginal communities, and provide a networking forum to encourage future cross-border collaborations between Aboriginal and Tribal communities and also with provincial, territorial, state and federal governments.

The workshop is being held in conjunction with the 2009 NCAI Mid Year Meeting, June 14-17, 2009.


2009 Indigenous Mapping Network Conference, June 13-16, 2009.

Native American, Indigenous, Aboriginal, tribal attendees and supporters of mapping efforts on aboriginal territories – Welcome! Let’s learn, share, and grow together – find new ways of using mapping tools to solve sovereignty, environmental, and cultural issues.

Previous ideas resulting from this conference include supporting and training indigenous people who may have little experience with modern mapping technologies. Efforts also are made to keep abreast and inform the UN, governments, academics, and the technological world about traditional “mapping” technologies.

The Oneida Nation of Wisconsin welcomes conference attendees, speakers, and vendors to Green Bay, WI. We hope to not only provide an educational and fascinating conference for everyone, but also to share a brief look at Oneida culture and what life is like in Northeast Wisconsin.Registration, accommodation and agenda information follows.

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