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Privacy Professor on Smart Grid Privacy Standards

Smart Grid Privacy: Possible Privacy Standards To Address Concerns

Source: Privacy Professor Blog, November 20, 2010

Sorry to be so tardy in getting a blog post out. As many of you know I’ve been working with the NIST Smart Grid Privacy Subgroup since late June. The work done for this group is through time volunteered by all involved. As a quick recap, I led the privacy impact assessment (PIA) for the consumer-to-utility portion of the planned smart grid during the late June to late August/early September time frame. On Friday, 11/20, I provided an update on our NIST groups activities during the Gridwise Alliance phone conference; perhaps some of you were on that call? Here are some links showing information about our NIST Smart Grid privacy group’s work…

For full text of the article and links, click on Privacy Professor Blog.

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