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Online privacy: Beware the cookie monster | The Economist

by G.F., The Economist, August 22, 2011

…Last October Babbage described the evercookie, a practical experiment by a programmer to demonstrate how persistent tracking codes might be embedded in a browser to follow users around, even when they made every effort to delete such tracking elements. The evercookie, designed by Samy Kamkar, used a grab bag of techniques to tuck away a unique identifier in non-obvious spots in a browser’s cache, and packaged them together into a single chunk of programming code. To get rid of the evercookie, a user would have to delete the tag from every nook it was hiding in. Leaving even a single one would lead to the tag being multiplied and restored, or respawned, in the browser’s cookie jar. …

via Online privacy: Beware the cookie monster | The Economist.

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