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Mastercard to Secure Mobile Payments with Geotagging

MasterCard, Syniverse To Secure Mobile Payments Abroad By Barry Levine, Newsfactor Business Report, February 25, 2014

Geotagging is a key aspect of the new, pay-when-you’re-abroad service planned by MasterCard and Syniverse, allowing mobile users to be authorized when they’re in a new country, as well as enabling appropriate data plans and marketing services. But it’s geotagging that knows your mobile device and your credit card are in the same place.

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Study on the economic effects of Marine Spatial Planning – Final Report

Study on the economic effects of Maritime Spatial Planning – Final Report

April 2011 Maritime Spatial Planning (hereafter MSP) is a tool for improved decision-making, providing a framework for arbitrating between competing human activities and managing their impact on the marine environment. Authorities and other stakeholders expect that MSP will bring substantial benefits to maritime economies and the marine environment in Europe. … Unlike cost benefit analyses, the report is mostly limited to a qualitative assessment of the benefits associated with MSP, although it also includes a methodology which has been applied to provide an indication of the quantitative effects of MSP.  …

via Study on the economic effects of Maritime Spatial Planning – Final Report – EU4Seas.

Governance Workshop on Global Monitoring for Environment and Security

Roger Longhorn forwarded the following through the GSDI Legal Econ Digest:

Governance Workshop on  Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES)

 The GMES Governance workshop organised by the EARSC and EUROSPACE Associations in cooperation with the GMES Bureau and the European Economic and Social Committee, EESC held on May 11 in Brussels, was successful in that it lived up to the main objective exposing possible governance models and making a first evaluation of their impact on the industry.

 One of the workshop’s main strengths, warmly acknowledged by speakers and attendees alike, proved to be its relevance to the representatives from the EO industry community and institutions who were there to discuss, between others, topics as dialogue mechanisms, long-term funding commitment, specific legislative and regulatory framework and governance structures and challenges.

 The Workshop’s speakers’ presentations are available on the EARSC website at the following link: http://www.earsc.eu/news/presentations-gmes-governance-workshop-may-11-2009-brussels

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