The Next Generation Of Maps

by Tom Ashbrook, On Point, The Next Generation Of Maps

Time was, a good map was rolled out in captain’s quarters on a rolling sea or a king’s table far from the front. … Flash forward to the smartphone in your pocket, the apps all over, the future rushing at us, and we’ve got maps gone wild. Cartography on digital steroids. Maps loaded with terabytes of data. 3D maps. Maps you can zoom over, zoom into. Walk through. Now Google and Apple are squaring off over the next great map frontier. …


  • Steven Levy, a senior writer at Wired magazine and author of In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives.
  • Darin Jensen, a cartographer and Professor of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • David Heyman, cartographer and co-founder of Axis Maps, a group that designs custom and interactive maps for the digital age.

To listen to the podcast, visit NPR’s On Point at The Next Generation Of Maps | On Point with Tom Ashbrook.


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One response to “The Next Generation Of Maps”

  1. Adena Schutzberg says :

    I was most disappointed the experts did not explain why address range geocoding can mis-locate addresses. They had the perfect lead in to do so!

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