Bill Requires Permission for Mobile Device Monitoring Software

by Aaron Brauer-Rieke, CDT, February 8, 2012

Against the backdrop of controversy surrounding the use of monitoring software pre-installed on mobile phones, Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) recently released a draft bill requiring clear disclosure and express consent before monitoring software is used. … Markey’s bill requires several kinds of companies to clearly disclose details about monitoring software and obtain express consent before putting such software to use. The entities obligated to observe these requirements are those that (1) sell mobile phones, (2) provide commercial mobile services, (3) manufacture phones, or (4) operate a “website or other online service from which a consumer downloads monitoring software.” The bill also requires the user to consent to the software’s operation before it can begin collecting and transmitting information. …

For a summary and analysis of this bill by the Center for Technology and Democracy, visit Bill Requires Permission for Mobile Monitoring Software | Center for Democracy & Technology.

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One response to “Bill Requires Permission for Mobile Device Monitoring Software”

  1. Tanguy De Lestré (@tdelestre) says :

    Needs to be solved to avoid consumer backlash due to privacy concerns.

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