Legislation Authorizing the Creation of State Geospatial Coordination Councils

Prepared by Howard Veregin, Wisconsin State Cartographer for the Wisconsin Geographic Information Coordination Council (WIGICC), September 2011

This paper provides information on legislation authorizing the creation of state geospatial coordination councils in the United States. The material was put together primarily through outreach to members of the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) in 2011. … Most states have a geospatial coordination council, but details of governance, authority, and funding are widely variable. Some councils were formed by executive order, others were created through legislation, some are non-profits, and others are completely voluntary and have no official standing. This paper focuses only on [fourteen] legislatively-created councils… [It is not a complete list yet.]

For a PDF copy of this paper, click here or go the Creation of WIGICC webpage and find a link to the report under the Coordination Model Research box in the right hand column. Also linkable from this page is a Coordination Council Nationwide Map, List of Coordination Councils Nationwide, and detailed profiles of eight leading state coordination models.

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3 responses to “Legislation Authorizing the Creation of State Geospatial Coordination Councils”

  1. Dan Widner says :

    My first impression was that this was a complete list of states that have a GIS coordinating body established in state code. But then I did not see my state of Virginia included in this summary, a state that has had a GIS Coordinating body in state code since 1997. With only 14 states summarized, it would be helpful to make sure the blog post clearly states this is an incomplete listing. Otherwise, the review appears to provide a good summary of those states profiled.

    • Geodata Policy says :

      Thank you for the comment. I will make note of this in the post. Also, could you share a link to the text of your state’s GIS Coordinating body statute?

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