Will we live in a voluntary surveillance society within five years?

David Perera, Fierce Government, November 13, 2011

The executive body of the European Union should consider a new regulatory framework in anticipation of an socialized world of ubiquitous devices that gather personal data from nearly every aspect of human behavior, says a new report from the European Network and Information Security Agency. In a report released Nov. 11, ENISA envisions a world within the next 5 years that includes networked automobiles, small medical sensors planted on people, constant and automatic updates to social sites and the widespread use of data mining to draw conclusions about people’s lifestyle choices, health and productivity. …

For full text of article, visit EU agency warns of voluntary surveillance society – FierceGovernmentIT. For report the ENISA report webpage, go to “To Log or Not to Log? Risks and Benefits Of Emerging Life-Logging Applications”


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One response to “Will we live in a voluntary surveillance society within five years?”

  1. Lauren says :

    Is your position that this is a positive or negative development? Social media has truly been revolutionary but is it a slippery slope to Big Brother?

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