3rd International Workshop on Validation of Geo-information for Crisis Management,18-19 Oct- JRC, Ispra, Italy

On November 23-25, 2009, ISFEREA Action of the Joint Research Center will organize and host an international workshop on Validation of geo-information products for crisis management in Ispra, Italy. The workshop will bring together leading scientists, technical experts and policy specialists from around the world, aiming to share experience and to start a professional network.

The increasing number of disasters threatening human safety has raised the attention of international community on management cycle prevention, preparedness, response, recovery . Lessons learned during the last decade have shown that geo-information availability and processing can play a key role providing an effective support across the decision-making process. The growing effort to use geo-information for disaster management produced relevant initiatives, e.g. the Global Earth Observation System of Systems GEOSS , the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security GMES and the United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response UN-SPIDER .

From a technical point of view, the use of geo-information for emergency response poses significant challenges for spatial data collection, data management, information extraction and communication. On one hand, the delivery of rapid and updated but nevertheless reliable products to end-users is considered a high-priority topic by users and providers; on the other hand, in crisis situations, the delivered geo-information is often ingested by the users without having the opportunity to take care of its quality and accuracy.

The need for an independent formal assessment of these products to provide operational services at homogeneous and reliable standards has recently become recognized as an integral component of a service. Validation is intended to help the end-users decide how much to trust geo-information products maps, spatial dataset and, combined with quality assurance, can help to identify improvements.

ISFEREA Action of the Joint Research Center is providing scientific support to EU external relations policies specially those concerned with international crisis management and mainly the external security dimension of GMES policy. It is fostering validation activities in several GMES projects e.g. SAFER, RESPOND, G-MOSAIC… and endeavoring to establish a generic framework for the validation of emergency response geo-information products.

The workshop will focus on validation of geo-information products for crisis management, with particular attention to the ones derived from Earth Observation data, highlighting practical experiences and aiming to:

  • Bring together scientific and technical people with expertise in the validation of geo-information;
  • Discuss and compare methodologies and operational procedures that can be used for the validation of maps and spatial datasets;
  • Establish validation criteria that can help to assess the quality of geo-information with respect to users’ expectations;
  • Draft a statement on a generic protocol for the validation of geo-information for crisis management; Start a professional network.


  • Practical experiences in the validation of geo-information products: base maps population, settlements, infrastructure, etc. , crisis maps of flooded, burned and damaged areas, etc… and spatial datasets GIS ;
  • Methodologies for the validation of geo-information products; Sampling strategies design for positional and thematic accuracy assessments;
  • Participatory in-situ reference data collection for accuracy assessments sources, availability, quality ; Definition of validation ranges and acceptance criteria for products;
  • Other relevant fields.

via VALgEO Workshop.

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