Free #OGC Webinar Today: Location Standards – How Do They Help Government?

Open Geospatial Consortium Webinar Registration

Thursday, June 2, 2011 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Government information systems of all kinds can easily integrate simple and complex geographic information from almost any source, thanks to vendors’ implementations of the OGC’s technical interoperability standards. This OGC GovFuture webinar will show how local, state and subnational governments are already benefiting from the “organizational interoperability” enabled by technical interoperability. The webinar will provide a case study from a GovFuture Subnational member working on Australia’s Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP) information delivery system, plus a review of pertinent legal and policy issues and an introduction to the OGC.

During this webinar, you will learn:

* How a commitment to open standards has transformed the way government spatial information is used and shared in Western Australia
* How informed planning can prevent privacy, intellectual property, liability and security issues from derailing data sharing efforts
* How GovFuture membership in the OGC can help governments derive maximum value from geospatial technologies

About GovFuture
The OGC’s low-cost GovFuture Local Government and GovFuture Subnational Government membership levels focus on the value of using open standards.  GovFuture members maximize this value through their access to OGC resources, knowledge and expertise.

Who should attend
This webinar is oriented toward local, state and subnational government entities worldwide that could benefit from access to GovFuture’s resources.

To register, click HERE.

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