UK Police Purchase 3D Geo-surveillance Software to Track Online Movements

From Roger Longhorn on the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Listserv:

From EDRi-gram
biweekly newsletter about digital civil rights in Europe
Number 9.10, 18 May 2011

UK police has bought surveillance software to track online movements

Civil liberties groups have shown great concern about the UK Metropolitan police force’s possible use of Geotime surveillance software that can map nearly every move in the digital world of “suspect” individuals. The Geotime security programme, that has recently been purchased by Britain Metropolitan Police, is used by the US military and is able to show an individual’s movements and communications with other people on a three-dimensional graphic. It can be used to put up information gathered from social networking sites, satellite navigation equipment, mobile phones, financial transactions and IP network logs, creating a 3D graphic of correlations between actions, people and places. The use of such a tool is seen as a threat to personal privacy.

For full text of the article, visit click here.
Police buy software to map suspects’ digital movements (11.05.2011)

Metropolitan Police trials GeoTime tracking software (12.05.2011)

Privacy storm after police buy software that maps suspects’ digital
movements (12.05.2011)

Protester to sue police over secret surveillance (3.05.2011)


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