Revised list of cuts would bite deeper into US research

Hal Rogers

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Revised list of cuts would bite deeper into US research

Great Beyond, Nature, February 11, 2011

NASA, NIH, NIST and the NSF all fared worse than they did earlier in the week. The revised list was anticipated after previous cuts failed to impress Republican caucus members, including so-called “tea party” members, who have been pressuring House leaders to make good on a campaign promise to trim $100 billion from President Barack Obama’s 2011 budget request. Yesterday, the committee, which is chaired by Republican congressman Hal Rogers (pictured) of Kentucky, acknowledged that new and deeper cuts would be unveiled as part of the package that representatives will be asked to vote on next week. … The text of the legislation seems to remove any uncertainy as to whether Republican leaders would try to water down their promise of draconian spending measures. It also sets the stage for a tough battle on Capitol Hill. The US government is currently funded under the latest in a series of continuing resolutions that maintains funding at 2010 levels from the beginning of the 2011 fiscal year on 1 October, 2010, to 4 March, 2011. The new proposals will be debated on the House floor next week and are still subject to confirmation by the Senate and President Barack Obama. …

For full text of the article, visit  The Great Beyond: Revised list of cuts would bite deeper into US research.


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