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RAND: What Should Be Classified?

by Steven Aftergood, FAS.org, Feb 2, 2011

What is the rationale for classifying information?  The RAND Corporation attempted to articulate an answer to that question and then to apply it in practice to a current national security issue. In a new study prepared for the Pentagon’s Joint Staff, RAND researchers “developed a general framework for judging classification decisions” that, they suggested, might have broad use.  Their methodology depends on “the systematic application of common sense.”  If so, then it is a major breakthrough in classification policy, where common sense is often scarce. …

For full text of the article via RAND: What Should Be Classified? | Secrecy News.


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2 responses to “RAND: What Should Be Classified? | Secrecy News”

  1. GeodataPolicy says :

    According to Aftergood’s article, “The RAND study was conducted independently of the the Obama Administration’s pending Fundamental Classification Guidance Review, but it exemplifies much of what the Review is supposed to achieve: namely, a searching inquiry into the validity of specific classification decisions in light of their actual costs and benefits.”

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