Haiti, Web 2.0 and Humanitarianism

Haiti, Web 2.0 and Humanitarianism: Change before you have to

Source: Ushahidi, October 19, 2010: Guest blog post by Catherine Caron, a postgraduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she got a MSc in Development Management and wrote her dissertation on “The Impact of Web 2.0 Tools on the Humanitarian Aid Industry:  A Case Study of the Response to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake“.

The last decade saw the rise of both costlier natural disasters and more interactive web features. Therefore in my MSc dissertation this summer, I tried to look at how workers of humanitarian organizations involved in the Haiti earthquake response perceive the impact of web 2.0 (web tools that give users both consumer and producer roles, e.g. crowdsourcing like Ushahidi, social networking sites, blogs, wikis, etc.) on their industry.  I did this through interviews and questionnaires with 26 of them.  This schema illustrates the interactions between the main stakeholders of emergency aid, each arrow and bubble representing an area that can be affected by 2.0 technologies.  I sought to uncover the areas where 2.0 is seen as useful, and where it is rather considered a promise that fails to deliver. … For full text of the article, click here.


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