Privacy, Security Cameras and Location Information


From the All Points Blog, April 10, 2009

Privacy, Security Cameras and Location Information

Bill Johnson sent on a newsletter that included a valuable article about privacy, security cameras and location information. I finally found a version on the Web. It’s titled: Surveillance of Public Spaces: A Privacy Issue? by Don Peppers & Martha Rogers, Ph.D.  …

For full blog post: All Points Blog

For full text of article: Surveillance of Public Spaces, 1to1 Media


If this is of interest, check out the research of Torin Monahan at ASU on the social impact of surveillance technology:

Experiences of Surveillance Technologies in Gated Communities and Public Housing

The use of modern surveillance technologies to monitor public activities presents difficult challenges to policymakers and citizens, especially in a post-9/11 world. Central to the debate over surveillance technologies are the oftentimes conflicting goals of safeguarding democratic freedoms from criminal or terrorist threats and from technological intrusion. Focusing specifically on surveillance technologies in public and semi-public places of residence, this project will make an empirical contribution to this ongoing debate by documenting experiences of surveillance technologies. This project will explore the use of modern surveillance technologies(specifically closed circuit television (CCTV) systems) in two very different places of dwelling and social interaction: gated communities and low-income public housing. Research sites will include 3 gated communities and 3 public housing complexes in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Throughout 12 months of field research, 90 interviews will be conducted to identify differences in public experiences of video surveillance across and within these settings.

The guiding questions are 1) what meanings do people attribute to surveillance technologies in places of residence?, and 2) how do people come to understand others through the presence of surveillance technologies? The emphasis of this study will be to identify patterns in experiences of surveillance technologies. Secondary attention will be given to the actual design and distribution of surveillance systems in order to determine how they vary across spaces and whether or not perceptions and behaviors vary according to the types of systems present.  … 

For full text, link here.

Interested in learning more? Check out the book –  Surveillance and Security: Technological Politics and Power in Everyday Life


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