UK Ordinance Survey Takes on Google

Kate Lance passed along the following article:

Ordnance Survey takes on Google
UK national mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, is making moves to mark out its copyright territory in an attempt to keep its data out of the hands of internet search engine giant Google. This seems to have encouraged some advocates of free data to line up behind Google, which is usually seen as the antithesis of free data.

In a document titled Use of Google Maps For Display and Promotion Purposes and circulated to local government, OS prohibits the use of any OS-derived data for display on Google Maps. 

It states that OS data or data derived from OS data can only be supplied to a third party in ?limited circumstances? – which do not include display on Google Maps.

“[W]e believe the terms of the Contractor’s Licence are wholly inconsistent with what we understand to be Google?s standard terms and conditions,’ the document states. ‘Therefore, you cannot pass such information to Google for display on Google Maps, and we must remind you that provision of data to Google in this way would be in breach of Crown copyright.”

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One response to “UK Ordinance Survey Takes on Google”

  1. Above and Beyond says :

    I’m totally for the free data campaign and I agree that OS Data is somewhat overpriced – but as far as Google being “the antithesis of free data” I’m not so sure. I’d always thought Google adovacted open data (obviously apart from search rankings data as that would leave them open to abuse).

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