European Commission Public Sector Information Report Published

Kate Lance passed along the following information:

The European Commission has published a summary report on the Consultation undertaken by the European Commission on the impact of the Public Sector Information Directive 2003/98. The Commission has also published the submissions made (where these have been approved for publication) to the consultation.

The analysis report states:
The Commission received 37 responses to the stakeholders’ consultation. These embrace the different actors present in the PSI value chain: content holders (governmental agencies), commercial associations, private firms, public?private and non profit associations, private individuals, and 2 others that do not fall into any particular category (a political party and a PSI thematic network).

The responses from the different associations and other re-users cover to a considerable degree the different active sectors of the information reuse market. Input was received from important reusers of legal and administrative and business information and the main European publishing and broadcasting associations. The ICT industry associations in Germany, Austria and Italy, representing the interests of the operators in their respective markets, also provided their views. The response of the PSI Alliance, which represents the views of an important group of private sector companies and associations active in the PSI field, should also be noted. Finally, the contribution of the ePSIplus network takes stock of a large consultation process through their network of stakeholders and national correspondents.



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