Articles on Spatial Data Infrastructures

A. J. Wortley of the Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office passed along the following through the Weary Mappers listsev (February 19, 2008):


For a very interesting critical analysis of the the SDI movement, visit the following posting by Paul Ramsey on his “Clever Elephant Blog”:

And, where does “vounteered geographic information” and SDI intersect? Puneet Kishor, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, passed along the following:

Also of possible interest, a YouTube video launched recently features the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) Interoperability Pilot –

A. J. summarized Masser’s trends as follows

*Shift from product to process model

  • From data producers to data users
  • From data producers to data sharing
  • From centralized to decentralized structures

* Becuase of the number of stakeholders involvded SDI outcomes will be more like a collage or a patchwork quilt rather than a uniform picture. Key issues include:

  • The multi-level structure of SDIs
  • The governance of SDI implementation
  • The emergence of new organizational structures

*Followed by Key Issues for the Future, in order of priority

  • Creating appropriate SDI governance structures
  • Facilitating access
  • Building capacity
  • Making data interoperable

The CGDI IP project developed a OGC Web Feature / Web Map Service partnership network across Canada, demonstrating a variety of scenarios involving closest-to-source update, access and use of public geospatial data.


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