Coalition of Geospatial Organizations Becomes Official

As reported by the NSGIC Blog, the Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO) came into official being during a regularly scheduled meeting on August 4, 2008, at the ESRI User’s Conference in San DiegoAn official announcement was posted to the URISA website on August 11, 2008.

The founding Member Organizations are:

·     American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)

·     American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)

·     Association of American Geographers (AAG)

·     Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CAGIS)

·     Geospatial Information Technology Association (GITA)

·     GIS Certification Institute (GISCI)

·     International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO)

·     Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS)

·     National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC)

·     University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS)

·     Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)

The founding Advisory Organizations are:

·     National Association of Counties (NACo)

·     National Emergency Number Association (NENA)

·     Western Governors Association (WGA)

·     American Planning Association (APA)

COGO elected its officers:

·     Chair: Cyril R. Smith (NSGIC)

·     Chair-Elect: Curtis W. Sumner (ACSM)

·     Secretary: George Donatello (IAAO)

The next meeting of COGO is expected to be held in conjunction with the next meeting of the Federal Geographic Data Committee, in October.


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