Free Public Availability of Landsat Satellite Image Archive

SAN DIEGO, CA — Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne announced at the ongoing ESRI Conference that his direction to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to make its 35-year Landsat satellite image archive available over the Internet for free marks the commitment of the department to breaking down information barriers.

“With the click of a mouse, scientists, government officials and land managers will be able to see the changes in the earth’s landscape at any point in the past three and a half decades,” he told the conference on Saturday. Some 14,500 participants are gathered this week in San Diego for the ESRI conference.

“This is a great contribution,” said ESRI President Jack Dangermond. “It will open up new avenues for geographic understanding around the globe. It represents the democratization of digital data and empowers people everywhere with rich information.”

The USGS, an Interior agency, expects to have the full archive online by February 2009. The Department of the Interior has the responsibility for coordinating the geospatial activities of the entire federal government through the Federal Geographic Data Committee.

For full text of the press release, visit:

A technical announcement of the Landsat archive’s availability can be found at

Source: U.S. Department of the Interior News, August 4, 2008


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5 responses to “Free Public Availability of Landsat Satellite Image Archive”

  1. robert lane says :

    how much is your service and can i use the sattilite on my desk top and how do i log in to get use to it? thank you

  2. L. A. Shanley says :

    Landsat scenes can be previewed and downloaded using the USGS Global Visualization Viewer at [under “Select Collection”
    choose Landsat archive: L7 SLC-off (2003-present)]. Scenes can also be selected using the USGS Earth Explorer tool at [under “Select Your Dataset” choose Landsat Archive: L7 SLC-off (2003-present)]. For further information on Landsat
    satellites and products, see

  3. untung nugroho says :

    i’m interest in mapping, i need a free image of landsat to leran expecially on my location semarang, central jav indonesia, can i get a free image of landsat for me
    i’m sorry i can’t speak englis fluently

  4. L. A. Shanley says :

    See instructions in my comment (September 2) for how to acquire Landsat imagery. If you’re looking for satellite imagery of your region generally, then you might join the participatory GIS network at, and ask them for help locating the imagery you need. PPGIS connects people from around the world with an interest in local community mapping.

  5. Gihan Panditaratne says :

    I am looking for imagaes of Sri Lanka. Uva Province for a research. Please lte me know what images I might be able to access.

    Thank you

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